services offered

Southern Campaign Resources can be best described as an umbrella company that covers Summit Communications and Direct Mail Systems.

When using Southern Campaign Resources, you can expect a plan that covers the following items:A full accounting of all your positives and negatives and your opponents’ positives and negatives are taken into account.  

This will be used to develop a comprehensive analysis of you and your opponents' strengthen and weaknesses to develop a campaign theme.  This then is broken down into description and cost of the elements needed to wage an effective and winning campaign.

The sections of the plan will include:

Services provided by Direct Mail Systems

Direct Mail Systems can provide all artwork, data selection, bulk postage, printing, production under one roof.  Direct Mail Systems will provide all of these mail services plus palm cards and stationery for the campaign if needed.

Services provided by Summit Communications

Summit can handle scheduling all video production for network and cable broadcast television.  Postproduction is taken care of in house on truly state of the art equipment and highly skilled producer.   Summit also can record and produce radio commercials for the campaign. 

Finally, Summit Communications will handle the media buying radio, web media, cable, and broadcast television if necessary.

General Campaign Strategy